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Buy IQOS HEET DUBAI is simple and basic. Dubai has a wide determination of top of the line cigarette stores that offer numerous choices for Smoking gadgets, for example, IQOS thermocouples in Dubai, HEETS in Abu Dhabi and that’s just the beginning. You can simply visit one of these stores and purchase any Smoking things you are searching for. In any case, there is a simple method to get it at your doorstep.


WE offers IQOS for smokers who acknowledge assortment in the joy of Smoking. You can arrange on the web and purchase Heets for IQOS in Dubai Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaima with Free Delivery.


Heat sticks are an elective method to utilize tobacco. For the generation of sticks are utilized the greatest, deliberately chose tobacco leaves with the goal that you can appreciate another taste and fragrance.


HEETS are an uncommon kind of cigarette intended for smoking tobacco in iqos warming frameworks. HEETS tobacco loaded up with an uncommon mix of tobacco and enhanced with fragrant added substances to appreciate a totally new taste and smell. Because of present-day advancements of a generation of tobacco items, heat sticks permit to keep and open full taste and smell of tobacco without horrendous sentiments of harshness and a smoke.


Package includes:


1 small pack (20 sticks) – Heets Amber Selection (Kz)

1 small pack (20 sticks) – Heets Turquoise Selection (Kz)

1 small pack (20 sticks) – Heets Yellow Selection (Kz)

1 small pack (20 sticks) – Heets Purple Wave (Kz)

1 small pack (20 sticks) – Heets Bronze Selection (Kz)

1 small pack (20 sticks) – Heets Silver Selection (Kz)

1 small pack (20 sticks) – Heets Green Zing (Kz)

1 small pack (20 sticks) – Heets Tropical Swift (Kz)


Iqos Heets dubai – Turquoise Selection:

Turquoise Label Sticks are a simple yet win-win combination of cooling menthol notes with a pronounced tobacco base. Tobacco and menthol are in a perfect harmonious tandem 50/50. The taste is characterized by an invigorating burst of freshness that will help to add variety to the usual smoking process.




Iqos Heets dubai – Green Zing

The Iqos heets dubai green zing have a great natural taste. Intense and cooling menthol is enhanced with fresh citrus and pleasant herbal spicy notes. Green tea is caught in the aroma. Great for freshening up, or capturing the sensation of lemon tea.


Softness and a successful combination of menthol with hints of citrus, without harsh harsh fruity aromas is the highlight of the green sticks. Due to the optimal ratio of flavor intensity and medium Strong, it is suitable for both experienced smokers and those who decided to replace regular cigarettes with IQOS.


Iqos heets dubai – What is HEETS?

Developed by Philip Morris International, HEETS are specially designed tobacco sticks made through an advanced processing method called cast leaf process. Each HEETS stick is created as per the length, diameter, and design of the IQOS device holder and can last for 14 puffs or about 5 minutes, as like conventional cigarettes. When it comes to the taste of HEETS sticks, it is somewhat different from tobacco cigarettes due to the “heat-not-burn” process. Additionally, these HeatSticks do contain nicotine and, as such, can be addictive.


Composition of IQOS HEETS Dubai Sticks

The tobacco part of HEETS is composed of a mix of vegetable glycerin, nicotine, tobacco, and flavorings such as menthol, chocolate, and spices. The non-tobacco part is composed of a cooling plug, airflow chamber, protective aluminum wrap, and a mouthpiece filter made from cellulose acetate.


IQOS HEETS Selection – Iqos heets dubai

Our selection of classic IQOS Heets flavors includes HEETS Amber, HEETS Silver, HEETS Turquoise, HEETS Yellow, HEETS Purple Wave, HEETS Bronze Selection, HEETS Green Zing, and HEETS Tropical Swift. A single carton consists of 10 HeatSticks and is available for prices starting from AED 90.

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