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JUUL has been one of the most trusted names in the vaping industry for a while now, and when vapers asked for an even more aesthetically pleasing device, the company did not disappoint. They’ve taken the vaping experience to the next level with this stylish new device, making the JUUL Device Kit Silver one of the best options on the market today.

The JUUL Device Kit Silver is comparable to the JUUL Device Kit. But the main difference is that this device has a polished silver color finish. Besides that, this device is offering the same incredible functionality of other JUUL devices.

Compact in size, the JUUL Device Kit Silver is all about aesthetic meeting functionality with a sleek design. A simple inhale from the device and you’ll receive the nicotine-infused vapor clouds you crave. No complicated switches and settings to adjust, and no turn on buttons for pushing. You’ll also have a rechargeable battery to ensure you never have to stress about tossing a new battery into the device when it’s running low on power.

The JUUL Device Kit Silver keeps you updated regarding when the device is charged. The charging indicator displays your power levels. If the indicator is glowing green, have a full charge. But if it’s yellow, your power is getting low. If the light is red, it’s time to charge and you’ll be ready to vape again within an hour. Toss a JUUL pod into the device and pull for a fabulous nicotine-infused vapor cloud.

Key Details of JUUL Device Kit:
1 rechargeable JUUL device
A USB charger
JUUL Pods Not Included


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